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This place came about because our ISP kept changing our email addresses. After the third or fourth time I did some research and found that if we registered our own domain name then we would always have control over what our email address is. Once I found out how little it really costs we were off and running. Now we have email addresses that are easy to remember and never change.

Then, after several years, I decided to do something with the web hosting portion of our service. It's not like we have a lot to say but it's a convenient place to post pictures and links that we wish to share with friends and relatives. As with most web sites this one will mirror our current hobbies so if you are into tractors, bagpipes, wood working, beading, gardening, or the two new kittens we have adopted then you'll be right at home here!

If you see something that doesn't work quite right or could be improved by all means feel free to send me an email. Just don't expect me to fix it, or really even care. It's just a hobby, after all!