The Kitten's Page

Here is the home of our newest additions to the family. They are 2 cats named Ben and Jerry. We got them in September of 2006 at 4 months old.  They are a mixed breed but seem to largely favor the Somian breed, with lean muscular body style and very fine fur that feels more like hair. They are white with pinkish brown pointing and big puffy tails. If you haven't guessed, they are always looking for trouble!

Cute, aren't they?
How about now?
Now how the heck did you get between the window and the screen?
Do you have any bones cat?
Never mind,  I don't want to know....
That curtain rod was never meant to hold 12 pounds of cat!
Hmmm, a cat that plays with potatos....
Ben unravels the mystery of life
We never liked that hamper anyway...
Now this is just plain annoying!
But what about Christmas you ask?
We LOVE Christmas!
What could be more natural than taking a nap under a tree.... with a train....
Last one to the top has to lick my butt!
Just try to take it down... I DARE you!